How to Smooth PLA 3D Prints – A Tutorial for Large Cosplay, Armor, and Props

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Welcome to Part 1 of “However many i feel like making” 3d Printing tutorials!

Across Reddit and Instagram i’m constantly getting asked “How did you sand that?” or “That mustve taken days to sand that smooth!”

Well i’m here to show you, it doesnt! With some confidence and a cheap power tool you can knock down and erase layer lines on PLA prints in a few minutes!

Now clearly this wont work with small detailed items but for large armour prints and big pieces this can take you tons of time on post-work and help you gain a flat smooth surface without layer after layer of primer!

If you have any questions or comments please ask away! I’m an open book of knowledge and i’m learning as i go along too!

I will also be making more PLA and 3d Printing post-work Tutorials so stay tuned!.

Thank you!

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