Anycubic Mega S 3D printer fan upgrade tutorial – quieter hotend, mainboard and power supply fans!

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This video was actually made based on a suggestion by someone on the Mega-S unboxing/review video (
In this video, I go through the steps necessary to replace some of the noisier fans in the Anycubic Mega-S 3D printer. I have not yet tackled the part cooling fan, but I do address the hotend fan, the stepper driver/mainboard fan and the power supply fan.

Links for all three fans are here:

-Hotend 40x10mm fan –
-Mainboard 50x10mm fan –
-Power supply 92x14mm fan –
Power supply 60x25mm fan –

The last piece of the puzzle is, of course, the 3D printed power supply cover that is ready to accept the 92mm fan we installed. The link here actually addresses 3 different types of power supplies you may find in your printer, depending on when your printer was made. The following link shows you how to identify which power supply you have and which cover you’ll need to print. PLA is more than adequate for printing this cover.

Thingiverse “thing” for power supply cover –

As a side note, the screwdriver I’m using in the video is also really helpful and handy to have around, it includes all the bits you’ll need for your printer and a whole lot of other smaller size bits and keeps you from having to fumble around with allen/hex wrenches. You can get that set for not very much here:

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