Solidairplane71 3D Printing something.. With high quality potato camera

Whats up everybody. Just printing some random things today. Up first, an endoscope mount for my printer. it will allow me to put a camera right on the nozzle. I have one currently but it doesnt quite fit right… youll see what i mean

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now for the nerdy stuff if you are interested,

Ill leave links at the bottom with ever part/mod that I am currently using.

I am not sponsored in any way with creality, bigtreetech, or

I am using an Ender 3 Pro with several different mods. It has an skr mini e3 mainboard swap with a custom marlin firmware. I am not using auto bed leveling but I do have manual mesh leveling enabled in marlin. I have a hot end kit that allows me to print higher temperatures without melting the tubing inside the hotend. I have a creality glass bed that I have flipped over mostly for getting better adhesion with PETG. The biggest mod is the direct drive kit. It was super simple to install and has completely changed this beginner printer to a much more stable/easy to use printer.

Creality Ender 3 Pro Printer –

Creality Glass Build Plate –

SKR Mini E3 1.2 Mainboard –

LED Light for Printhead –

PTFE Hotend fix kit –

Direct Drive conversion kit –

Heavy Duty bed leveling springs –