Space X Crew Dragon capsule design by FAB365, Print with Bluer

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Elon Musk is a true pioneer of this era. He broke the existing framework and it has gained the support of many people. This is a fresh shock to many who firmly believe in the existing order. He accelerated the popularization of electric vehicles, spread progressive designs to the public through cyber trucks, and finally began a full-fledged private space project.

Celebrating the launch of his successful spacecraft this time, I designed a dragon capsule and trunk.

This design is not foldable, but the capsules and trunk are fully structured and functional. The details were also made as much as possible. Its features are:

1. The hatch can be opened and closed.
2. The trunk can be connected.
3. You can connect by moving the umbilical connection.

Here’s how to assemble this SpaceX Dragon capsule and trunk.

1. Insert the inner part of the capsule into the outer part. At this point, pay attention to the direction of the hatch.
2. Install the hatch. At this time, pay attention to the direction.
3. The trunk, first rotates the umbilical connection outward.
4. Rotate the bottom part.
5. Combine the holes in the bottom of the capsule with the projections on the trunk according to the direction.
6. Rotate and connect the umbilical connection.
7. Capsule and trunk are detachable.

I plan to build a Falcon 9 rocket in the near future. Please look forward to it.
I look forward to an era where space travel is possible as soon as possible.

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