RealityCapture PPI Tutorial For Prototyping and 3D Printing

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This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use photogrammetry software RealityCapture for prototyping and 3D printing of a component.
PPI (pay-per-input) licensing enables you to learn and try RealityCapture for Free. You only pay when you are satisfied with your final 3D model and want to export it.
Tutorial made by @ideaform3d

00:17 inspection and planning
00:40 taking pictures
01:04 Downloading RealityCapture (you can also download the PPI in the link below)
01:30 Uploading the images & Alignment
02:05 Setting up the reconstruction region with the bounding box
3:30 Reconstruction in a Normal detail
04:15 Exporting the 3D model
05:17 Final result

Other useful links:
RealityCapture tutorial on creating your first 3D model

Download RealityCapture (PPI) for FREE here:

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