Industrial SLA 3D printer for large rapid prototype- largely shorten the new product develop cycle

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This is a Fuel cell development & testing machine from the Legend Energy company based in Shanghai, China.
A new design to show to their customers.
This model is made with industrial SLA 3D printers, build volume: 800*800*550mm / 600*600*400mm, print separately and then glue together and do the surface treatment as client required.
From printing to delivery, took 3 days.

Advantage of a SLA 3D printer is:
1). Fast speed, max speed can reach 400g/h (the fastest speed for a 3D printer).
2). High accuracy-max can reach 0.05mm (the most important thing is unlike the SLS/ FDM 3D priner, the surface can be polished easily using sand paper if client has higher requirements).
3). Can deal with any models with complex structure.
4). A variety of materials are available, such as normal white resin for rapid prototype (price is cheap); high temperature resistant resin for master mold can resist temperature of 200 degrees. Clear resin for any glass-alike prototype, and also PP- alike soft resin for shoes, shoe soles or other applications.
5). Large building volume: in the market, max. 2100 or bigger is available.
6). It can be used in nearly any industry: automobile, aerospace, artistic design, cultural relics reproduction, building sand table model, any kind of medical models, shoe industry etc.

Should anyone has new requirements or new applications, welcome to exchange ideas with us.

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