Cool 3D Printing TimeLapses on Prusa I3 Mk3S 3D Printer octolapse 25

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Here are some more octolapse Timelapses off the prusa i3 mk3s 3d printer. What do you want to see printed on the channel next?

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First model is a duct adapter for an old hepa filter i had so it could used to extract solder fumes and resin printer fumes.

Julia Vase –
Printed in 3d jake satin gold EcoPLA

Suprized pikachu –
Printed in 3d jake satin gold EcoPLA.

gargoyle –
Printed in matterhackers forest green pla pro

miniworld prototype hubs torture test –
Printed in Amz3d copper pla

veroni pencil holder –
printed in matterhackers lilac pro pla

Arya Stark –
Printed in 3djake satin blue ecopla

white walker bust –
printed in 3djake esatin blue ecopla and light blue fillamentum pla

Music by wildrosebuilds

#3dprinting #prusai3mk3s #octolapse

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