Chair Child 3D Printer Project ($200 USD printer made from a lawn chair?)

Hey all!

I am going to be posting a series of videos on how to make a 3D printer with a lawn chair as a frame.

This came about when I was going to throw out an old chair.. but decided to repurpose it. Thus ChairBoy was born, in all of his ugliness.

This printer has a build area of y240 x340(to 500) z240
Using BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo, mix of 2209s an DRVs, TFT24

Along with this project I am going to participate in Shane’s (Fugtech 3D Printing) 3D printer design challenge, check it out here:

I came up with this idea before learning about the challenge, but will be trying to make version 2 fall within the specifications, or discuss how you can gain some cost savings.

So after posting this video I will be making a build log of “ChairGirl”, please STAY TUNED!

Thanks for watching