Awesome 3D Prints on the Monoprice MP10 3D Printer (octolapse timelapse)

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Timelapses of cool 3d printed things on the monoprice MP10 3d printer! I had a blast filming the Monoprice MP10 over the last few months! This has been a very reliable machine in the studio here and boasts some pretty nice features for a machine at this price point. One of my favorite things about this machine is that the entire print head assembly is held securely in place using magnets and alignment pins making it super easy to unclog and switch nozzles! check this machine out here:

You can follow me on social media and see what im printing and some behind the scenes stuff here:



Deadspace marker:

swoopy sculpture:

Tilt maze:

haunted castle:

skull tower:

cellular thing:

folding pumpkin:

If you want to support the channel or need a printer, parts, or filament check out matterhackers here:

Huge thanks to monoprice for sending me this machine to film! give them a follow here:

And special thanks to Rachel Geek for letting me use her awesome music! she’s a local artist and you can check her other stuff out (including a live looping video i shot for her) here:

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