3D printing timelapse: Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

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This turned out as one of my favorite creations, mostly thanks to the lifestream base that looks wonderful when lit up, but I’m also pretty happy about how I did with Aerith herself. Modeled both in Blender 2.82 beta.

Printed on the Prusa i3 MK3 using Fillamentum Mukha and Clear Smaragd Green -filaments. 0.15mm layers for Aerith and 0.2mm for the base. The LEDs are a simple “fairy led” strip stuffed inside the hollow base. In hindsight I shouldn’t have printed any bottom layers as I now had to cut holes in it anyway to fit the LEDs, so depending how you print this some assembly might be required.

#3dprinting #finalfantasy #ffvii

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