3D Printing News Briefs: March 27, 2020

We’re beginning today’s 3D Printing News Briefs with a little research, and then moving on to business. An international team of researchers has been experimenting with 3D printed medications that have interesting modified release properties. Moving on, Shapeways has achieved an important certification, and CGTrader has just reached 1 million 3D models. To round things out, an innovative maker has been 3D printing toys to help kids cope in hospitals.

Research: 3D Printing Opioid Medicines

HPC-SL (L) and HPC-SL/PEO (R) printlets

27 million people around the world are affected by drug addiction and abuse, which comes with high morbidity rates. An international team of researchers from University College London, FabRx Ltd., Nisso Chemical Europe GmbH, and the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela collaborated on a study about using 3D printing to create alcohol-resistant and abuse-deterrent tablets that have modified release properties, which could encourage safer use of opioids. This kind of personalized formulation strategy could help lower the risks and prevalence of opioid abuse. A direct powder extruder 3D printer was used to make the printlets out of SL-grade hydroxypropyl cellulose, mannitol, and tramadol, along with polyethylene oxide (PEO) to “enhance abuse deterrence.”

“Results from syringeability studies showed that while printlets containing HPC alone had moderate abuse deterrent properties, addition of PEO greatly enhanced their abuse deterrent properties,” the researchers wrote.

Additionally, results from solvent extraction studies and nasal inhalation tests showed that adding PEO to the mix improved the abuse deterrent properties. The team concluded that 3D printing “is the future of personalised pharmaceutical manufacturing,” due to its ability to ensure enhanced properties and accurate dosing.

Shapeways Receives ISO:9001 Certification 

Shapeways, the leading manufacturer of 3D printed goods for small- and mid-sized businesses, announced that it has received its ISO:9001 certification, which shows the company’s commitment to the businesses that rely on its reliable, high-quality services. The certification process by ISO for additive manufacturing investigates processes that are efficient, effective, and are able to “safeguard quality and facilitate continuous improvement.” Achieving this milestone means that Shapeways is now internationally recognized for its high standards, along with its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality management.

Greg Kress, the CEO of Shapeways, said in a blog post, “There’s nothing more important to us than providing accurate, high quality 3D printed parts to our customers.”

CGTrader Marketplace Reaches 1 Million Stock 3D Models

This week, 3D model marketplace CGTrader announced that one million pieces of premium 3D content have been uploaded, which the company says makes it the largest 3D model marketplace in the world. Some other impressive numbers to think about with this announcement – 21 million 3D models from CGTrader have been downloaded since 2011. In addition, the amount of 3D models on the community platform, which has 2.5 million members, take up 85 terabytes of storage space. To celebrate, and thank its community, CGTrader is holding a special 48-hour sale, during which visitors can purchase most of the available 3D models with a 30-70% discount.

“CGTrader has always been a community effort and we appreciate your enthusiasm over the years. You have helped turn our vision into a reality and made CGTrader not only the world’s biggest 3D content marketplace but a place where ideas are exchanged and innovations are brought to the industries that shape our lives. All of us at CGTrader would like to express a deep felt ‘thank you’ for your support and look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead as we continue to grow our Marketplace and our Community,” a CGTrader blog post states.

3D Printing Volunteer Initiative for Pediatric Patients

Here’s a heartwarming story I’m happy to share during these uncertain times! Entrepreneur and tech enthusiast Eddi Khaytman first started learning how to use 3D printing and CAD while working towards his MBA, and soon took a leadership role at a 3D printing club. Around the same time, he was often at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, visiting his mother, who was fighting stage 4 lung cancer. After witnessing many pediatric cancer patients, Khaytman recruited club members to cheer the kids up by 3D printing motivational toys for them. He completed some of these projects as charity work, and, wanting to share his experience and grow his initiative, some of the work took place under his HEAL3D Benefit Corporation, which was later combined with his other business, PromoAmbitions LLC.

“In addition to motivational toys, I started designing and 3D Printing desensitization toys for kids stuck in hospitals to help alleviate their medical phobias to their feared objects. I would then teach the staff how to use habituation with these friendly custom-designed versions of MRI Machines, CT Scan machine, Operating Rooms, X-Ray machines, etc. to ease the kids into the procedures they needed to undergo but were too afraid to do so,” Khaytman told 3DPrint.com. “These initiatives caught on in multiple states and after a very rewarding experience at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital I decided it was time to make it official and started to run HEAL3D initiatives.

“I got to not only ease the medical phobias of many of the patients, but also helped create custom 3D prints for terminally ill patients. It was a very enriching experience and it helped me become a better person and a more well rounded entrepreneur. I wanted to share my journey so that others are inspired to think of creative ways to utilize their 3D printing skillset to enhance the lives of others.”

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