3D Printing Leadership Forum: Planning Ahead During Uncertain Times

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With so little clarity on what the future holds, how do we plan ahead? What steps can we take to gear up for a post COVID-19 era and how can we make these decisions with confidence? In this 45-minute virtual forum with DELRAY Systems President Joe Rocca and XponentialWorks • • – Founder Avi Reichental, participants will hear about: – Preparing for the other side of COVID-19 – Making new commitments during times of uncertainty – Reimagining the supply chain – How DELRAY Systems is weathering the storm and what options they’re offering customers – Entering into new partnerships to build a stronger network – how XponentialWorks is helping DELRAY Systems and how DELRAY Systems is supporting local companies in Michigan – The role of NEXA3D in a post COVID-19 world

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