3D Printing

Assignment video for The 3D Printing Revolution by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Coursera.

3D printing parts for my fathers Coot ATV

Some footage over the last few months on improvements I’ve made to the Coot with 3D printed parts. These have been on the machine for a couple weeks now …

3D printing of Object time lapse

This is a time lapsed video of a 3D printing printing an object . Material: PLA Slicer : Simplify 3D #3D_printer #ANYCUBIC_I3_MEGA #Simplify_3D.

Smooth Sultry Sights of 3D Printing!

Kickback and relax by watching the smooth, sultry sights of Ray Ray’s 3D printer in action. Currently printing: Desert Skiff, Bow and Stern 20-hour print PLA+ …